100 in our Classroom

Letter L

Letter L in our Classroom L is for… lamb, lace, lacing, ladder, ladle, lady, ladybug, lake, lamb, lamp, lantern, large, lasagna, laughter, lavender, leaf, leak, learn, leash, left, Legos, legs, lemon, lemon aid, lemon aid stand, lemon meringue pie lemur, lentils, leopard, leotard, leprechaun,

Letter F

Letter F in Our Classroom F is for… fabric, face, fairy, fall, family, fan, farm, feather, feelings, feet, felt, fennel, fern, festive, fiddle, Fig Newtons, figs, fine motor skills, finger, finger paint, fire, fire engine, fire fighter, first place, fish, fish crackers, fish sticks, fishing, f

Letter E

Letter E in Our Classroom E is for… eagle, earmuffs, earphones, earrings, ears, Earth, easel, Easter Bunny, Eeyore, egg, egg beater, egg rolls, Eggo waffles, eggplant, Eggplant Parmigiana, eight, elbow noodles, elbows, elephant, elf, Elmer, emotions, Enchiladas, engine, envelope, eraser, Eskim

My Shape Book

It was such an honor when we were contacted by Shannon at and asked to publish a fully prepared activity exclusively on our blog.  We immediately got to work and created this with our class!  We hope you enjoy this video of OUR CLASSROOM SHAPE BOOK! Below you will find Our Shape Bo